Aimtell Review: Best Web Push Notifications Platform of 2022

Web Push Notifications also popular as Browser Notifications are clickable pop-up messages sent to any device by a website or a web app. Web Push notifications containing rich content can be delivered to your device, mobile or desktop, even when the user is not on your website. These notifications can only be sent to users who have opted-in to receive these notifications. Web Push Notifications are best used for delivering time-bound content and engage users. Some of the popular use cases of retargeting with push notifications include browsing abandonment, retargeting users abandoning the shopping cart, activating dormant users with offers, retaining users with personalized content and more.

In 2009, Apple propelled Apple Push Notification Service (APN). It was the main and the very first Push Notification Service. In 2010, Google introduced its own Service: Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM). Now after many technological advancements, you can utilize behavioral information and client interests, publishers can trigger customized multi-product Push to their audiences through personalized Push notifications.

One of the most loved products in this domain is AIMTELL. Below are the possible reasons why you should use Aimtell.

Aimtell Review:

Aimtell allows its customers to use its web services to allow them to send push notification to their subscribers easily via text, email, pop-ups. Depending on the topics they have subscribed. Firms also provide some most exciting features like custom messages, locational notification. This software meant mainly for PC and it is optimal in every browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera mini, etc. Aimtell uses Zapier to integrate with third-party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It is a white-label solution, which enables users to customize push notifications with emojis and images.

eCommerce firms can use the application’s predefined templates to monitor information and send personalized notifications to customers about abandoned carts and order shipments. It benefits publishers to build a dedicated subscriber base through audience retargeting and content marketing. It lets users filter website visitors by category and send automated messages in case of flow abandonment. In addition, Aimtell provides detailed campaign reports on vital metrics such as clicks and conversions. Aimtell’s team features are all useful for both freelance marketers and large enterprises. One can easily create teams and provide each with access to different sites on a moderator’s dashboard. Aimtell is supported on virtually any webpage. Users just need to install a tracking code with several lines of javascript to get the program up and running. Users can also install the application’s WordPress or Shopify plugin to roll out the system.

Highlights Include:

  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Full API capabilities
  • Customized Notifications
  • Full Emoji Support
  • Large Image Support
  • Scheduled Campaigns
  • Automatic Notification Dissemination (daily/weekly/monthly/customized)
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Welcome Notifications for New Subscribers
  • Expiring Notifications
  • Conversion Tracking Via Comprehensive Reporting Tools
  • Unlimited Sites per Account
  • Team Capabilities

Aimtell Features

  • Advanced Segmentation – It offers you to create an advanced segmentation of your notification based on your location, event, device information.
  • Scheduled Notifications – One of the crucial features present in this product is the scheduled delivery of your notification based on your target audience.
  • Automated Notifications – In case you have daily/weekly events, then this function helps you to set out a notification whenever the event is triggered. Thus it automatically pushes the notification worldwide to its subscribers.
  • Testing – Push can be generated as a 2-3 template when an event is triggered it helps you to compare the response from all the generated content of the notification and help you to generate suitable content.
  • Branding – Aimtell doesn’t let you put its watermark or its website name in the content of the push notification thus helps your brand to endorse.
  • Dynamic Notifications – Based on customer attributes, device information it helps you to find a lead and provide you information to make custom content for your subscriber.
  • 3rd Party – Powered by Zaiper, it provides you with the portal to link you to different social media platforms like facebook, twitter.
  • Conversion Tracking – Uses its inbuilt algorithm to evaluate the exacts analysis of engagements in your page and helps to formulate leads.
  • Your Subscribers/Data – You get the access of the data/subscriber of your website and aimtell lets you import or export the data anywhere you feel like.
  • Timezone – According to the residing timezone of your customer you can push your notification worldwide. Timezome isn’t the matter to this software.

Aimtell Pricing Plans:

Start your free 14-day trial. No credit card, no long term obligations.

Free Trial

0 – 2,500 subscribers


2,501 – 10,000 subscribers


10,001 – 50,000 subscribers


50,001 – 100,000 subscribers


100,001 – 200,000 subscribers


200,001 – 500,000 subscribers


500,001+ subscribers

By quote

Aimtell offers several enterprise pricing packages, depending on the number of subscribers. Here are the details:

  • 0 – 2,500 subscribers – $29
  • 2,501 – 10,000 subscribers – $49
  • 10,001 – 50,000 subscribers – $99
  • 50,001 – 100,000 subscribers – $199
  • 100,001 – 200,000 subscribers – $299
  • 200,001 – 500,000 subscribers – $499
  • 500,001+ subscribers – By quote

Aimtell Pros

  • Apart from push notification you can also make the welcome notification, trigger notification, RSS feeds and many more.
  • Offers you best outcome with high engagement.
  • It helps you to find a suitable target customer.
  • Customer service. Ability to request for feature upgrade.
  • Many customizations available and support team Response time
  • It can be used for remarketing. The cost per lead is quite efficient.
  • The possibility to customize the segmentation options and support efficiency.

Aimtell Cons

  • There are many features people are not aware of! So its better if the trial period is utilized effectively.
  • Bugs in notification but gets fixed at utmost priority.
  • Teams are given equal access levels of features, which should be restricted as per their task.
  • Needs implement regular expression as condition on segmentation.
  • Some more template options for the popups can be offered to use with images.

Aimtell Customer Base

The customer base of this company is basically all kind of marketers or digital marketing consultancy. Some of the best companies used this product and had positive feedback are :

“Very reliable and easy to use. They have helped us quickly grow push notification into one of our top-performing marketing channels.”
-Nick Hoang ( VP Marketing, )

“Best push notifications app, period! The possibilities are endless.”
– Adewale Adejumo ( Founder, )

“Aimtell is the right tool to manage push notifications. A most powerful addition to our Online Marketing toolbox since remarketing.”
– Alexey Chesnok ( CEO, )

* these mentioned user reviews are taken from its official website.

Signup Process

Sign up process for Aimtell is quite simple.

The utmost requirement to make an account is for you to have a google account.

You can either use your google account for sign up or you can create a new account.

And then you are good to explore this amazing software. It’s that easy!

Aimtell Alternatives & Competitors

So there are some more option you can opt onto other than Aimtell. All the mentioned products below posses the same features of a push notification, a slight difference of services.

Feel free to choose anyone you like:

  • Amazon simple notification services -Amazon SNS a simple, highly secure cloud manages to deliver a message to a large number of clients at a go. Amazon SNS works upon its two clients i.e publisher and subscriber.
  • iZooto – It is a user engagement and retention tool that leverages web push notifications to help the business to drive repeat traffic, leads and sales.
  • eSputnik -is a web-based marketing automation service designed to allow users to manage cross-channel messaging campaigns via Email, SMS, Web Push, Viber, and other instant messengers.
  • Pushbots – Pushbots can be used to send a message to any mobile platform, directly from your dashboard. Used by companies like Thinkscloud.
  • Urban Airship – AI orchestration and services they need to deliver push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app messages, mobile wallet passes and more to exactly the right person

Aimtell User Reviews

Here the reviews from some of the big influential who have worked on Aimtell.

“Aimtell’s segmentation is really amazing.”
– Neil Patel ( Entrepreneur, )

“The software is really impressive and easy to use. Kudos!”

– Mckane Davis ( President, )

“Wow, where do I start? If I could leave 6 stars I would.”
– Candice Galek ( CEO, )

* these mentioned user reviews are taken from its official website.


Push notification is beneficial for all kinds of domains from eCommerce to SaaS, blogging and many more. Push notification is the best way to pull more audience to your website following more traffic to your website. It increases engagements to your website and urges the customer to follow back again to your website once in a while. Amongst several options available in the market, you can prefer using Aimtell or any of the alternative you are comfortable to work with. As it’s about getting the most out of the price, you are paying to the company.