In recent years, Push Notifications have taken over the world of Digital Marketing. And let me tell you, its not without any good reason or proof. Push Notifications have proven to be the most responsive medium of communication in the field of marketing. Which is why more and more companies and brands are turning towards it for revenue and traffic.

There are two types of Push Notification: Mobile Push Notification and Web Push Notification. Push Notifications are based entirely on permission, be it on Mobile or on Website.

What is the need of Push Traffic?

People may visit your website all the time but rarely they will subscribe to it. It has been shown in the studies that only 2% of the original visitors get converted in a day. Push traffic helps you get other 98% Conversions. Through Push Notification, you can acquire traffic from all over the world.

Surely you can try re-targeting them through SMS and Email but Push Notification saves a fortune. There are tons of  websites that can help you with that and that too, free. But just services are not enough. Your creativity counts too. 

Templates to Attract Traffic

Since we are talking about creativity, here are some tips to attract more traffic through Push Notification.

1. Customize your communication