How to Reduce Cart Abandonment using Push Notifications?

Push Notification has time and again proved its worth, not only in one area but at multiple. It is, that’s why, the leading champion of the digital marketing world. Both Publishers and Advertisers believe on it and as a matter of fact utilizes its benefits to its core. It not only helps them to reach their customer on time but also helps them to gain traffic at their website. Ultimately, it results in gaining revenue and popularity.

Why push notifications for cart abandonment are important?

The simple and main reason id Re-targeting the lost customers. With the passage of time, people add stuff and forget about it. This can happen for various reasons. The customer may run low on finance, maybe there were other stuff more important than that one or maybe wasn’t sure to get it or not. As I said, there can be various reasons. Push Notifications, at such times comes as a rescue to you. Emails, for example, no longer serves the purpose, because it does not create the urgency which push notification can create. Moreover, their open rates are not high enough. On the other hand, Push Notifications, quickly grabs the customers’ attention and due to the added facility of attractive GIFs and images, the customers get easily intrigued and are attracted towards the offer. Additionally, if your customer clicks on your notification it takes them directly to concerned page without having to waste any time in searching about the mentioned offer, encouraging them to complete the purchase.

Benefits of Push Notification Services:

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, you also get some extra added benefits when you subscribe to any Push Notification Services e.g., PushCrew. Let’s check them out.

  1. Channelize to Recover your Abandoned cart: Such services allows you to schedule a series of automated push notifications to be sent at optimal interval, until your customer completes their purchases. You can also set up an entry trigger for each campaigns along with a set of predefined conditions.
  2. Building of Unlimited Campaigns: With this advancement you can customize your own campaign based on whatever parameters works best for you. With some of the Push Notification services you can build as much campaigns as you want and you can also add your prospects in different list you wish to target.
  3. Sending Notifications to the right target audience: You can create segments according to the category of your customers. Needs of all the customers are unique and different. This is the reason it is very important that you reach the correct audience with correct information at the right time. Through such services you can categorize them based on location, device and much more.
  4. Tracking your progress: This is the most basic yet important factor which needs consideration if you want your business to succeed. Unless you know where you started from and where you stand right now, you wont be able to measure the amount of hard work you need to put in. Services providing push notifications can help you track it.

Re-targeting the audience with Push Notification

We have seen the benefits of the push notifications to reduce the abandoning the cart. Now let’s talk how we can do it. Here are some of the types of Push Notifications you can send to your audience which will encourage them to complete the purchases.

1. Personalization:

When you personalize the notification it shows that you know about your customers or users. This gets you closer to your users. Things like Name( first name and last name), location, gender helps you build a stronger connection with your clients. Use them. That in return will help you increase your sale rates.

2. Reassurance with emotions:

One thing we all need time-to-time is a little reassurance. It helps us get motivated. Your customers too likes it. Send them notification saying that item will look good on them. Encourage your customers to add that particular item to their wardrobe. Assure your users that, that item belongs and will look good in their collection.

3. Discounts and FOMO:

What no one can turn down is a Good Discount. Keep your customers updated by sending them discount related push notifications. FOMO(Fear Of Missing Out) is high up in the ‘in-trend’ list. Use it by creating offers which are time-bound. Giving your customers an expiry time of the discount makes it even more interesting. It gets them intrigued and encourages them to get the product before the time expires.

4. Give them your Support:

Sometimes your customers, especially the one in the fence, needs just a small nudge to roll over. Send them your support through push notifications and help them complete the purchase of the abandoned cart. Help them see that they are making the right choice and have an eye for beauty. Appreciate their choice.

5. Remind them of their love:

Most of the times people add items to their carts because of the excitement but leaves it in the cart hoping to come back someday and buy it. Unfortunately, that time doesn’t come quite soon. Remind them how much they loved that product. Make them re live that love. Bottom line is, awaken their lost desire.

6. Free Shipping:

You would be shocked to know how many customers abandon their carts because of the high shipping rates. 70% of the customers backs off from entering the last stage due to this reason. Dissolve that and see the magic happen. Don’t forget to keep it time-bound to make it worth more.

7. BOGO at your rescue:

BOGO(Buy One, Get One Free). This trick never gets old, trust me. Intrigue your customers by giving them this offer.Give them the chance to select what they like. In place of that you can also add a Mystery Offer to their items left in their cart.

8. Segment your Audience

This may seem usual but don’t doubt its power. The ultimate power lies in reaching the right person with the right offer. Foe this you need to divide your users into segment depending on the criteria.Categorize your audience on the basis of their action. See their previous purchases and how long were they abandoned. This will give you an idea how much encouragement they require.

9. Deadline Reminder

The most important thing to remember is that every thing will value more once you have made it time-bound. If there is none, you customer will never get encourage to pass through the final stage. Send them push notifications reminding them that the offer will expire within the next few hours or minutes. Then only the idea of FOMO and BOGO will work efficiently.

10. Short and Simple:

No matter what message you want to send to your users, it should to short and precise. The notification should be long enough to send the required message.


Push Notifications are a strong tool to get traffic and earn revenues out of it. The service providers of push notification does half of the job. Your part is to be creative and smart. Rather I should say, “Be smartly Creative”.