Letreach Review: Best Push Notification Platform of 2022

Push notifications are clickable messages that can be instantly sent to your subscribers even when their browser is not open. Push notification software helps you to interact with all your notification as 0.07% of your Facebook and 0.03% of your Twitter audience interacts with your updates on social media. With the use of this software, one can cater to their customer needs and get to know customer requirements from their in-app activity without much effort. This, in turn, will help you increase your sales. It also enables you to scale your re-engagement with subscribers and connect to inactive groups of subscribers too.

Here would give you the proper overview for a similar Push Service service provider: LetReach. It can increase your promotional results with thousands of dollars per promotion with higher click through rates. Also build a steady customer relationship with this simple yet powerful engaging tool.


Letreach is an online tool that helps you to get started with delivering your notification on to users end at any platform within a fraction of a second. LetReach enables companies to send real-time push notifications from their mobile and desktop websites. These notifications are exactly like the app-notifications which have been observed to show a 50% higher open-rate and almost twice the click-rate of emails. The startup time for this software is less and with easy to use interface. LetReach offers the following powerful features to deliver relevant notifications: instant and easy setup, multiple customizable opt-ins to help you to increase your subscribers fast, subscriber insights to analyze what your subscribers like and deliver better notifications with advanced filters, segmentation targeting to create personalized notifications and deliver them at an appropriate time. More features such as real-time metrics to monitor your notifications and analytics in real-time, smooth third party integrations with blogs and e-commerce websites are also offered.

LetReach , the web based SAAS solution for eCommerce, Deals/Coupon & Content Publishing websites is a Delhi-based startup, founded by a team of three engineering students – Vipul Garg, Rishabh Saxena and Akshay Mahajan. More than 2,300 websites use these features to attract their users even when they are not on their website.

Highlights Include:
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Audience Filters
  • Detailed Demographics for Subscribers, Clicks, and Churn
  • A/B Testing
  • Auto RSS Push
  • Automation Sequencing (Drip Campaign)
  • API Integration
  • All Major Plugin support
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Easy & Quick Setup
  • Multiple Customizable Opt-ins
  • Message Management
  • Message Scheduling
  • Adaptive Messaging
  • Geo Targeting
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Filter Based Targeting
  • Real Time Metrics
  • Web & Mobile Website Support
  • Runs on both HTTP & HTTPS websites
  • Multiple Domain
  • Easy Third Party Integration

LetReach – 2.0 Elite is an automated Browser Re-engagement software is designed to automate the messaging like an AUTORESPONDER without the monthly expenses. The official starting price is $97. It offers the following features:

  • MULTIPLE OPT-IN SCREENS – Easily customize your Opt-in messages. Choose the best dialog box for your business. Change the style, background color, buttons or text, or see changes in real-time.
  • CUSTOM MESSAGING – The notification text and colors can be customized, by adding more buttons and linking those to any webpage. You can also add a relevant custom image. Scheduling of notifications to be sent in any time zone can be done. LetReach does the time calculations for its users.
  • PERSONAL & TARGETING – Segments can be created to tag the subscribers you get through a custom landing page. Filter can be given by location, device type, platform type, browser type, and many more. You can also save a custom segment and send your targeted and personalized notifications to them.
  • A/B TESTING – Create various messages and run an A/B demonstration test. You can add different parameters like UTM tags, images, etc. to optimize outcomes. Review of detailed reports to analyze performance can be performed to choose the best messages for your sequence.
  • AUTO RESPONSE SEQUENCE – You can build a sequence using their unique feature drag-drop builder to set up an automated notification funnel. Set up automation funnel for all the campaigns. Then add your RSS feeds to auto-send push notifications to your specific audience segments every time you have an update. Automatically trigger condition-based messages using their advanced API.
  • DETAILED ANALYSIS – Get detailed reports on both the subscribers & messages. Monitor your click rate and analyze which settings suit the best for you. Know the right time to push updates to your audience. Download all reports in CSV or PDF format and get weekly reports by email.

Letreach Review: Features

SEGMENTATION – if you got a particular kind of audience at a certain area only, it allows to segment the text message and provide a particular content for that area only. it offers you to create an advanced segmentation of your notification based on your location, event, device information. Thus it offers you to focus on a particular audience as well.

INTERACTIVE NOTIFICATION – It has this feature which helps to generate leads according to your subscribers’ device information and formulate user interactive custom based texts/web/pop-ups at a single go for a particular segment of the community of your subscribers.

REAL-TIME ANALYSIS – It is pretty easy to fetch the report from the software about the conversion, engagement, increase of subscriber demography. It tracks down the effect of your subscriber from every single message sent with the proper report. It is really easy to understand the picture of what impact does the messages are having over your subscriber.

Automated Notifications – In case you have daily/weekly events, then this function helps you to set out a notification whenever the event is triggered. Thus it automatically pushes the notification worldwide to its subscribers and let them know about the particular event. Thus it won’t be hectic to update continuously.

SCALABILITY – if you are dealing with large crowd worldwide, it’s not an issue. This product every possible geographical area to deal for your business. It has a wide coverage area and can send web/email/text all over in a single click.

TESTING – Push can be generated as a 2-3 template when an event is triggered it helps you to compare the responses from all the generated content of the notification and help you to generate suitable content. You can get a possible idea the kind of texts that have a huge impact on your subscriber.

Letreach Review: Pricing Plans

It comes at affordable rates so that new business can get to use its service. LetReach offers several SMB and enterprise pricing plans, including a free basic. Free basic plans includes unlimited notifications every month, up to 2000 Subscribers.

  • FREE – forever free.
  • Standard – $15 per month
  • Pro – $60 per month
  • Elite – $175 per month

Letreach Review: Advantages or USPs

  • Forever free
  • Affordable prices to any kind of company
  • Great features for marketing.
  • Revenue generation at high rates.
  • Customer support is really helpful.
  • Interactive UI and easy to use the tool as not much coding skills are required.
  • Overall people tend to love it and it’s really great . also more updates roll out.

Letreach Review: Limitations or Disadvantages

  • Might encounter some bugs but usually gets fixed quickly.
  • Could make the site more interactive but it is still fine to work with.
  • Minor buys with analytics.
  • Company is restricted to notification only, should spur to include more services as well.

Letreach Review: Customer Base

Some of the major firms who have given out its testimonial on its official site are given below.

The websites/firms have seen a greater increase in their revenue in terms of every aspect.

  • Wittyfeed
  • PhoneRadar
  • Khojdeal
  • Digital KickStart

Letreach Review: Signup Process

The signing up to this website is simple like its feature.

You need to fill out the form with all the required details such as company name, website and many more.

Might possible that you’d be asked about your credit/debit card details for future details.

Then you are good to work upon this website up to 2000subscriber. Later you can also change your plan.

Letreach Review: Alternatives & Competitors

  • Netmera – Netmera is an online mobile application engagement platform, which offers a series of development tools and communication feature that helps to establish direct communication with every platform. Its main focus to increase brand endorsements and generate more revenue through app platform using push notification and other communication modes.
  • Frizbit – Frizbit is a marketing orchestration platform that provides the best services in terms of marketing with the help of personal data usage by its user real-time and providing optimal engagement techniques to contact its customer thereby increasing revenues and delivery of messages.
  • push monkey– push monkey is the same as that of any other push notification provider like Push crew, Pusher and many other things. It has all the same feature as that of others but the major reason for Pushmonkey to be a great software is about its compatibility in any other development environment from WordPress, Joomla and every other.
  • Pushbots – Pushbots can be used to send a message to any mobile platform, directly from your dashboard. Used by companies like Thinkscloud and many other big firms. It is respectable in terms of product marketing as its features are incredible.
  • Leanplum – Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform formed for this reason solely, Founded in San Francisco, Leanplum has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, and has received more than $98 million in funding. Leanplum has also been recognized as Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For.

Letreach Review: User Reviews

According to users review, the platform has turned out to be profitable to many of the companies in terms of marketing, notification, engagement and conversion. Thus it has spur itself to big leagues backed up many companies like witty feed.

The customers tend to increase in number as every other company wants to go online and be in the big leagues.

At this affordable range, the company provides enough feature from which one can really be beneficial.

So it’s a good option to work with. Other than the given platform you can opt to its mentioned alternatives as well!


Traditional marketing channels like social and email are degrading in terms of conversions. The CTRs and view rate on email and social media have dropped drastically. With the advent of web push notification, which are app-like notifications for which the user does not need to download any mobile app, brands are getting view rate of up to 50% and CTR of up to 15%. There are numerous Marketing Software products out there these days. The ideal way to find out which service fits your needs best is to compare them side by side. When matching products ensure that you analyze their related functions and mark their distinctive elements to get a clearer picture of both deals. Likewise, keep in mind to check non-core issues including security, backup, usability, and helpdesk support. LetReach Push notification services are one such which is going to connect you with your visitors more and re-engage them.