Notify Visitors Review: Best Marketing Automation Software of 2022

“Will you allow this site to let you send notification?” Wasn’t this the exact question the website asked? So what happens if you allow it. Well, there is nothing to worry about considering it to be spam. Rather it gets permission to send you notification over your web browser. Let you know the latest update about the site.

The best part, it’s not spam. It’s a push notification that can appear on your phone, the browser also has a message in email and phones. Web push notifications are the clickable pop-up message that comes from a website or an app, these messages appear on your device screen, by push notification service you can send your messages directly to your user’s smart devices.

One of the most loved products in this domain is Notify Visitors. Below are the possible reasons why you should use Notify Visitors.

Notify Visitors Review: Best Marketing Automation Software of 2022

NotifyVisitors is a simple, cloud-based marketing automation software that provides users with customer engagement, conversion rate optimization, and powerful analytics software. It is an automated notification management solution that enables marketers to engage web & app users, enhance website conversion rate, evaluate and analyze the progress for accurate results. The platform facilitates cross-device customer involvement using web push & push notifications, surveys, in-app & web banners, and progressive web app. This benefits businesses by reaching prospects on multiple digital channels. NotifyVisitors allows a business to market itself in a custom-made manner that is beneficial to both the business and its customers.

It employs accurate analytics to trigger personalized campaigns based on customers’ behavior and engagements like buy, sell, clicks, and register. Users can also select multiple triggering options to trigger according to their subscriber location, data, needs and many more. Includes the following features – Browser push notifications, mobile app push notifications, web push, app push, web survey, web banner, A/B testing, journey builder, attribution tracking , feedback, Lead forms, banner popups for the website and mobile application and unified user profile. The micro-segmentation helps the brands to analyze user-activity based product use is most suitable for them. It takes less than 3mins to setup and integrate on multiple platforms of woo commerce, browsers or devices.

Highlights include:
  • Customer engagement
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Journey designer
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Multiple targeting rules.
  • Works smoothly with eCommerce plugins.
  • Mobile compatible
  • Completely automated
  • Non-blocking and high-performance code

Notify Visitors Review: Product Features

NotifyVisitors is a feature-rich customer engagement software built for multiple business sectors. The platform comes with an impressive suite of features which are described below:

Conversion Tracking – Uses its inbuilt algorithm to evaluate the exacts analysis of engagements in your page and helps to formulate leads. It helps you to acknowledge the fact where the major audience strength is avail.

Easy setup – This push service comes with a journey designer that enables users to create and induct personalized journeys based on customer behavior and engagements. The designer helps to initiate simple as well as complex campaigns across devices and channels. It allows you to use email, push notifications, SMS, in-app banner, web banner, and email to reach customers on any digital channel. Moreover, it becomes easy to stipulate goals and analyze each aspect from channels, CTRs, timing, and conversions. This enables you to evaluate the progress of every campaign and plan for future campaigns to drive better results.

Powerful personalization – NotifyVisitors allows a high level of personalization. The software permits users to talk to the customers via personalized messages such as email, SMS, and Push Notifications. It makes it easier to send messages that feature personal user data with an aim to increase engagement. Messages with useful, customized, and relevant information can significantly increase the CTR.

Timezone – According to the residing timezone of your customer you can push your notification worldwide. Timezome isn’t the matter to this software.

INTERACTIVE NOTIFICATION – It has this feature which helps to generate leads according to your subscribers’ device information and formulate user interactive custom based texts/web/pop-ups at a single go for a particular segment of community of your subscriber.

REAL-TIME ANALYSIS – It is pretty easy to fetch the report from the software about the conversion, engagement, increase of subscribers demography. It tracks down the effect of your subscriber from every single message sent with the proper report. It is really easy to understand the picture of what impact does the messages are having over your subscriber.

Meaningful Segmentation – NotifyVisitors support AI-driven and machine learning-powered market segments. It allows you to group customers into meaningful, micro-segments based on user behavior and other critical attributes. The segments can be generated based on geo-location, page visits, browser, and the type of subscriber. These segments make it easy to send personalized messages that make customers feel valued, leading to increased retention rates. If you got a particular kind of audience at a certain area only, it allows you to segment the text message and provide a particular content for that area only. Thus it offers you to focus on a particular audience as well.

Automated Notifications – In case you have daily/weekly events, then this function helps you to set out a notification whenever the event is triggered. Thus it automatically pushes the notification worldwide to its subscribers and let them know about the particular event. Thus it won’t be hectic to update continuously.

Browser support – Frizbit has great compatibility with all the trendy web browsers one can probably like safari, google chrome, firefox and many more.

Notify Visitors Pricing Plans

FREE TRIAL for 15 days.

Web & App push – $49/month

Web & app survey – $59/month

Enterprise – contact support

Notify Visitors Review: Advantages or USPs

  • The Heatmap feature is really great. Provide you with the aspect of your website of what users like and dislike.
  • Great tool with a lot of features.
  • Customer support is great and efficient.
  • The solution provided by the team regarding marketing strategies is effective.
  • The UI of the website is really interactive.

Notify Visitors Review: Limitations or Disadvantages

  • Really efficient product but needs to put out more updates.
  • Might encounter minor bugs.

Customer Base

Some of the major firms who have given out its testimonial on its official site are given below. The websites/firms have seen a greater increase in their revenue in terms of every aspect.

  • Timesjob
  • Shopclues
  • Healthkart

Notify Visitors Signup Process

Signing up to this website is quite similar to any other website of push notification. It’s easy and smooth all you need to do is fill out the basic details and verify your company, website, and your email address.

And you are good to go with the given site.

Notify Visitors Review: List of Alternatives

  • Pushfyi – Pushfyi is a data stream engine with open source API open-source library with developer tools that help in developing real-time web and mobile applications to help them as per their need for a solution. It enables you to stay at the forefront of technological innovation while minimizing development risk and cost as per the solution is required.
  • push monkey– push monkey is the same as that of any other push notification provider like Push crew, Pusher, and many others. It has all the same features as that of others but the major reason for Pushmonkey to be a great software is about its compatibility in any other development environment from WordPress, Joomla and every other.
  • Frizbit Frizbit is a marketing orchestration platform that provides the best services in terms of marketing with the help of personal data usage by its user real-time and providing optimal engagement techniques to contact its customers thereby increasing revenues and delivery of messages.
  • Pushbots – Pushbots can be used to send a message to any mobile platform, directly from your dashboard. Used by companies like Thinkscloud and many other big firms. It is respectable in terms of product marketing as its features are incredible.
  • PUSHENGAGE – it is another alternative for this product and a top competitor as well. Fulfill mostly all the other features that one signal lacks behind. Efficient product to push notification all over the world to your subscriber.

Notify Visitors User Reviews

The company has backed more than 3000 companies and has a great reputation among them and in the market. Available with a lot of different features that help its user to walk its way through it smoothly.

Its features are tremendous in terms of getting results and users have almost 15-20% increase of activity & revenue from before.

Apart from this it has great support to help you out instantly and has got a demo session as well.

So I’d rather ask you to use this platform at least once.

Notify Visitors Review: Roundup

Now that you have a clear idea of what Push notification is and how it works. It is better for you to choose any popular push notification service providers which could turn out to be beneficial for you and help you to market your product efficiently.

Choose the one mentioned above: NotifyVisitors which is leading in Iran, Lithuania, Cameroon, Central African Republic, and a few other countries. Their engagement and retention software, which provides a cross-device customer involvement for various business sectors will help you to retain your customers better.