Omnisend – Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement

Nowadays, marketers have a plethora of resources, including social marketing, content marketing, SEO, video marketing. But even with the availability of so many categories, one category which is found to be effective even today is push notifications. The probable reason, which can be cited behind this is for about a decade now, push notifications has been generating the highest return for business owners.

You might think that social media marketing tops the list when it comes to forms of digital marketing because social media like Facebook has a global presence. Ask any marketer, and they would tell you how challenging it is keeping customers re-engaged with their mobile apps. And one smart tactic to reach such fickle minded customers is to send them push notifications, forcing your offerings to them!

If you crack a conversation with a marketer, you would see that he/she is most focused on generating more conversions, in the form of leads, memberships and even leads. Apart from offering various other benefits, push notifications turn out to be a very powerful tool by generating an adequate number of conversions.

Through a mobile app, you can request for accessing the location of customers. After they accept it, you will crack a great opportunity by sending them personalized content depending upon their demographics. Likewise, you can personalize your content to target users in a particular country, city and even locality. Push-notifications can help you send last-minute discount deals and gift coupons to your chosen group of customers, thereby offering them value-added information about your brand name. Push notifications have also found to be less intrusive than other forms of marketing, and it enables marketers to improve the customer care experience, which ultimately results in increased revenue.

Omnisend is a similar push-notification tool, and below here is a brief overview of this service provider:

Omnisend Overview: Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement

Omnisend started as an email marketing company named Soundest in the year 2014. Their utmost aim has always been to cater to the marketing requirements of e-commerce businesses. Although initially they were focused on empowering the business owners by employing email marketing tool, today, they are applying various other marketing tools in use.

After offering email marketing services for a couple of years, Omnisend decided to operate as an omnichannel marketing automation platform, which needless to say is a much-improved version of the original email-marketing platform. With the launch of the omnichannel platform, the founders, Rytis Lauris and Justas Kriukas aimed to make marketing more relevant and compelling for the e-commerce industry.

Omnisend operates by collaborating with the marketers of e-commerce businesses by helping them send customized messages to their customers and potential customers. The marketing automation platform offers several omnichannel marketing tips for enterprises. No matter what channel a marketer prefers to use more frequently, Omnisend is equipped with numerous features to help one combine their marketing efforts and optimize it.

The software allows you to create personalized messages for your customers by offering you several built-in templates, thereby speeding up the entire process of creating personalized messages. The method of segregating and sending these messages also becomes very easy and super-easy, thanks to the automation offered by this platform. With the help of this automating tool for marketing across omnichannel, you can reach customers via:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Push notifications
  • Messenger
  • Whatsapp

As mentioned above, apart from sending push notifications in emails, the platform allows marketers to reach their customers across social media, including Facebook, and this has somewhat eased the task of marketers.

For capturing leads, which till dates is the utmost aim for all, the software creates catchy-looking lead forms which ultimately increases lead rates. Apart from this, to engage customers, the tool offers various ways for collecting email-ids by attracting customers with exciting games like the Wheel of fortune. These forms, like the emails, can also be easily integrated into the campaigns conducted mainly for marketing.

And also since marketing is somehow not sufficient without analyzing reports containing data of customers. For instance, to know how successful your previous campaign all you have to do is to integrate it into the tool, and Omnisend will, in turn, give you the numbers implying your campaign’s performance. In case you want to analyze your campaigns yourself, you can navigate around the platform and can make the various reporting features like the click maps and real-time dashboards to great use.

Omnisend Review: Product Features

  • Multi-channel marketing – Regardless of the platform, your customers are using, you can reach them easily via social media, email and even SMS. Along with easing the stress of the marketers, this platform also enables us to streamline all these channels into a single channel. It also initiates more automated sales as the platform consists of useful tools for a welcoming, cart recover, shipping confirmation.
  • Personalized marketing – With the help of Omnisend now, you can send personalized messages to your customers based upon their buying history. The platform will guide you to send the right messages to the right customers at the right time so that they end up buying more products, eventually boosting your revenue. Omnisend also additionally offers pre-built workflows to smoothen the marketing automation operations of all organizations, and it is available for both giant corps and startups.
  • Customer engagement – Omnisend would help you to strengthen and secure your bond with your existing customers and to attract potential customers. For example, you can design a welcome automation workflow so to convert your newsletters into buyers successfully. Often you would find that your buyers are eyeing a product but hesitating to click the buy button and for those cases, you can send them a discount code easily so that the buyer ends up shopping that product from you. A marketer should not leave out any opportunity to connect and engage with buyers and for this Omnisend has provisions for automated emails for recovering cart and some other features which focus on maximizing the click-through rates.
  • Effective marketing – As a marketer, you might be confused at times about the type of emails that should be sent into the workflow. Well, Omnisend seems to resolve your confusion as bay by taking help from the built-in feature called Smart Send Solution. Now, this tool will ensure that you are sending an email to users who have not made a transaction with you yet. Often customers complain about their inbox getting filled with irrelevant messages, and you can prevent this by using the smart send solution.
  • Simple segmentation- With Omnisend’s segmenting options, you can group your customers in your database. This will aid marketers to create personalized and engaging messages for specific customers. Customers are segregated based on their buying behaviour, their demographics and even the channel they wish to spend hours on.
  • Engaging newsletters- You can now create engaging newsletters in a few minutes by employing the content editor. You can also use features like the product picker in designing newsletters to save your valuable time.
  • Secure info capturing- With the help of Omnisend’s various options, you can easily extract information from your website visitors. There are multiple ways the tool chooses to do, and it depends upon you, be it the flexible popup widgets to derive email addresses or Wheel of fortune from adding a tinge of excitement.

Omnisend Review: Pricing Plans

Once you decide to connect your business to your Omnisend account, you will activate the trial plan of 14 days. After the trial plan gets over after 14 days, you can enjoy the free plan with limited benefits. If you want to avail of a complete list of features, you will have to invest in the standard plan with $16/month or the pro plan with $99/month. Omnisend also offers a custom plan, in which the software will contain the features and the benefits you wish to experience.

Omnisend Pros

Wide reach-Omnisend combines customer activity across all channels into a single one, thereby making it easy for marketers to engage the customers.

Automated email communications-with automated emailing, your sales team would be able to save time and concentrate on skyrocketing your revenue.

Easy collection of data-Omnisend makes it easy to collect data of marketing campaigns super easy, thanks to its analytics tools.

Template options-numerous built-in template options for emails, forms make way for customer engagement.

Live view option-it enables the employees to see which products are removed from the cart most often.

Easy tracking-you can see what is happening with your newsletters and whether they are reaching your target customers.

Super simple-easy set-up and does not require installation of any other apps. It is completely user friendly, and you will be able to navigate quickly to the landing pages.

Live support-Omnisend offers live support, and you can access them in case you are facing some issues.

Tracking customers-be it tracking the buying behaviour of customers or the items they click on, Omnisend help you to understand your customers better.

Omnisend Cons

Problematic product picker-you will have to copy-paste product description info and photo manually.

No RSS integrated email-with the help of it you can tag your target group of customers without creating a separate list.

Poor Formatting options-it does not have an impressive collection of option forms, and the formatting available is also not up to the mark.

Expensive– the software is handy, but the price is not worth the number of features it owns.

Not enough detailed segmenting- segmenting based on the buying behaviour of customers might not work.

Poor customization-some users wished for more customization for themes, templates.

Customer Base

Love Cocoa– A leading chocolate producing initiative started by James Cadbury, the descendant of John Cadbury, the man behind Cadbury. The company aims to combat issues like deforestation and meagre pays of chocolate workers, thereby bringing a change to society along with rich chocolate offerings.

Alastin Skincare-Founded in 2015, Alastin today is the fastest growing healthcare brand offering physician-dispensed services. The high-end products are a result of innovative research and numerous clinical testing.

How to Sign Up with Omnisend?

Visit the website of Omnisend, and there you will find an option encouraging you to start your free trial. You will have to fill out your details in a form sent to you and then authenticate yourself as a user via your email.

Credit/debit card details might be required for any transactions you make in the future.

Omnisend Alternatives & Competitors List

Leanplum – Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform formed for this reason solely, Founded in San Francisco, Leanplum has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, and has received more than $98 million in funding. Leanplum has also been recognized as Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For.

One Signal – One signal is among the leading companies that provide you with web push/email/message notification service worldwide. It has more than 4000 registered users, and over 2 billion notification transactions take place per day.

AMAZON SNS – Amazon simple notification services is a simple, highly secure cloud that manages to deliver a message to a large number of clients at a go. Amazon SNS works upon its two clients, i.e. publisher and subscriber. Apart from this they the access to all of its AWS features and services with one account.

PUSHENGAGE – it is another alternative for this product and a top competitor as well. Fulfil mostly all the other features that one signal lacks behind. Efficient product to push notification all over the world to your subscriber.

Pushbots – Pushbots can be used to send a message to any mobile platform, directly from your dashboard and used by companies like Thinkscloud and many other big firms. It is respectable in terms of product marketing, as its features are incredible.

Omnisend User Feedback

We just started using this app to replace MailChimp. It was pretty easy for me to import everything from MailChimp with their available guidance. In just one day we have our customer lists, our email sign-up forms & landing page, abandoned cart email and a campaign for people who never opened their last few campaigns to come back and get a discount. The automated discount code feature is simply amazing. Integrates easily with Shopify. Easy to build campaigns or emails”-according to a spokesperson of Oberon Design as found from a source.

Roundup: Is Omnisend the Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement?

In a nutshell, Omnisend has been helping marketers reaching goals and targets by paving the way for boosted revenue.

With the software’s omnichannel experience, you can create push notifications to your customers and have in-depth knowledge about their likes and dislikes. Before using software of this kind, marketers were frequently worried about integrating user activities across distinct platforms. But Omnisend has considered easing the job by streamlining and optimizing the entire process of collecting information.

Amongst various other software of this kind, Omnisend caters to your specialized business requirements and pushes the marketing strategy of your company up to a notch or two.