Audience Segmentation for Push Notification: Guide, Tips, and Tricks

audience segmentation

“There’s no one size fits all solution,” Andrew Nixon further says “The key is the commitment to the community, long term. It’s not a ‘simple’ option – and it needs careful consideration and due diligence in terms of the game title you are aligning to and the reach the brand’s engagement will likely achieve.” Push …

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Essential Guide to Push Notification for Beginners

guide to pubh notification

Push notifications are alert-style messages that appear at the top or bottom-right corner of your web browser. On a smartphone, they appear at the center of your screen. Push notifications provide value and convenience to browser and smartphone users. Push notifications allow marketers to reach prospects and customers directly. I’m a big fan of push …

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10 Best Mobile Push Notification Services of 2022

mobile push notification

Push notifications are a communication channel built into every mobile device sold today. Push notifications allow apps to reach out to users with short messages that users may respond to. A push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. App publishers can send them at any time; users don’t have to …

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Push Notification vs. Email Marketing: How to Choose the Right One?

Digital Marketing is, today, at the top of its game. When the whole world is turning digital, how can it be possible that marketing would be left alone? All the brands and Companies have turned towards the blessing of Digital Marketing. Many of those companies and brands today, even credit their success to digital marketing. …

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10 Free Onesignal Alternatives for Publishers in 2022


Let me tell you the fact that push notification is totally based on permission. Let’s understand it with a simple example of WhatsApp. Whenever you got a new message, you receive a notification of that. It the same thing works on your website, whenever you publish a new article, your user will receive a notification …

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10 Reasons To Enable Push Notification on Your Website in 2022

enable push notification

Introduction to Push NotificationPush Notification are those messages which pops up on your screen containing information regarding a certain mobile app. Those messages pops up even if your apps are not opened. They are used for a lots of things, such as, for sending cricket’s score, for sending weather report, for sending a sale alert …

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10+ Best Practices for Sending Push Notifications in 2022

Push notification best practices

“A great push notification is three things: timely, personal and actionable.”– Noah Weiss, Head of Search, Learning, & Intelligence at Slack You can use push notifications to retain more of your mobile users. You just need to understand best practices for doing so. Here are some of the best practices for push notifications. These can …

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10 Best Free Push Notification Services for Publishers and Marketers


In the Web-world, Push Notification service is the best way to engage your users or visitors. The Push Notification is replacing the Email Subscription services. Many Webmasters have already started using it. With this service, your subscriber gets instant notification about your latest content, post or offers. Push notification services have risen in recent years. But …

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