PushEngage – Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement

Over the years, push notifications have turned out to be a useful marketing tool because it ensures to withdraw the attention of anyone using a mobile phone. With the help of it, marketers can be in touch with their customers and send them any personalized notifications they wish to. But past trends show that some marketers decided to overwhelm their use by continuously sending push messages, which lead to the users ultimately muting the push notifications. So this is something that you should be careful about, as a marketer.

Push notifications are almost similar to regular text messages. When you swipe open a text message, it will lead you to the messaging platform. But notifications by a push message, you will be visiting the app responsible for sending the push notifications. Not only mobile but push notifications can also grab the attention of your users, irrespective of the device they are on. That is, the users can receive these push messages as long as they are online. Although push notifications are one of the most recent techniques of digital marketing, it has been successful in driving up the conversion rate since the very start. Once you decide to set up the push notifications, you will have to send in the opt-in notifications at first. For this, you will have to set up the push notifications box, and if your visitors wish to receive push content from you, they will tick the box. By ticking the checkbox, they would be giving you permission which would make them your subscribers. After that, you can send them push-notifications to encourage them to return to your website, check out your offerings and invest in your business.

To engage your customers effectively, you might want to personalize the content of your opt-in push messages. You can tweak the settings so that when a customer lands on your website, an opt-in push notification gets displayed to them almost immediately.

Here is the overview of one of the best push notification platforms for customer engagement, PushEngage.

PushEngage Overview: Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement

Before getting into the PushEngage review, you should get familiar with the concept of it. PushEngage is a digital marketing software applicable for sending push messages across web and mobile. The entire purpose behind this tool is to effectively guide the marketers to send web messages automatically, without wasting too much time and putting in great efforts.

To start with this, marketers should first consider grouping or targeting their audience or existing customers. They can segment their customer based upon their location, search history, and even their landing pages. Marketers can then group the customers showing similar characteristics together and send them notifications levelling up their interest levels and forcing them to check out the app/website. As suggested by numerous studies, this will automatically lead to higher click rates and subscription cancellations would also drop down significantly. In case you are interested in launching campaigns, then PushEngage will implement it for you, which in turn engages your customer base. The tool is also equipped with auto-responders to motivate potential customers to convert.

The best thing is that PushEngage creates personalized notifications that can be sent to you even when they are not spending their time on your website or app.

The businesses which find customer retention an enormous challenge and can taste the benefits of this cloud-based tool as it sends push notifications to customers directly on the browser they are using, be it Firefox, Chrome, and even Internet Explorer. This feature-packed push notification tool works successfully even for users who are hooked on their mobile screens.

Upon using the services of this software, marketers would come across a plethora of impressive features mostly to excite and engage customers, and this comes in the form of trigger campaigns, drip campaigns, cart abandonment. If your sales and marketing team struggles daily in finding the best platform for A/B testing, then you can conduct it through PushEngage as well. Currently, the push notifications tool allows the marketers to send out push content across diverse channels like:

  • Text message
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • In-app messages
  • Browser push notifications
  • Web messages
  • On-site surveys
  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Blogger

After the launch of the support of Web Push by Google in 2015, a marketer decided to create a channel for internal use. But as the days passed by, its efficiency amazed everyone, and the decision was made to launch the software tool for everyone in 2016.

The tagline of the company “Created by Marketers for the Marketers” is completely apt because the founder Ravi Trivedi was also a marketer for a product CouponRani.com. Today, PushEngage delivers its services worldwide, and it is live in more than 2500 websites.

PushEngage Review: Product Features

  • Resolving cart abandonment issues – Even today, many e-commerce companies face the problem of customers leaving their cart without going forward with the payment process. Cart Abandonment concerns businesses as they miss out on the revenue, which would have been possible if the customers made the transaction. To resolve this, many companies send an email to their customers, but in reality, the majority of these emails are not opened, that is the view rate of these emails is quite low. Thankfully, web push notifications have a better display rate, about 90% and therefore when you send it by personalizing for the customer abandoning their carts, the probability of your customers reading it becomes highly likely. And when your customer reads it, they might be urged to go back to your website and complete their shopping with you.
  • Breaking news alerts on the go – PushEngage is not only a helpful tool for e-commerce businesses, but it will also help media companies to keep their subscribers engrossed. One of the metrics which justify the successes of a particular media firm is its speed and potency to send breaking news alerts to its subscribers. News media companies have now been making great use of the features of this tool to send breaking news alerts for a targeted audience. Marketers of these companies can now send out alerts to a particular group of their subscribers by employing the segmentation tactics into action.

This will also work in favour of daily editorials, and if you ace the job of pushing the right content towards the right subscribers, you would see a noticeable change in the number of subscriptions.

  • Improves cross-marketing – Often e-commerce companies engaging in niche markets intend to navigate towards other markets to promote their offerings. But for this to be accomplished, marketers are required to scroll various products of different markets to see whether their product can turn out to be a compliment for those. PushEngage can ease this job by finding the list of compliments for your products. After this, the tool engages in creating effective Cross Promotion Campaigns to grab the attention of users. So whenever a buyer is buying any item related to the products a marketer is promoting, the cloud-based tool will send out the list of complementary products to those buyers.
  • Effective scheduling – Another essential characteristic when it comes to the best push notification platform is scheduling. It is possible to send the push notifications at a later date as you do with any marketing campaigns. If you plan your push notifications, you would never miss out interacting with your customers even if you are on holiday on drowning in other work. Also, before any sale event, you can send out these notifications to ensure increased footfall.
  • Drip campaigns – With PushEngage, you would not have to worry about manually creating drip campaigns, which are a set of notifications sent to the user based on their actions and behaviour. For instance, you can use drip notifications after a user registers them on your website/app.
  • Plans for everyone – If you are starting new and have not ever invested in a push notifications software and therefore you are a bit doubtful about the potency of such software. PushEngage offers multiple plans suitable for every business’s requirements and budget.

PushEngage Review: Pricing Plans

PushEngage offers a free plan for first-time users. After that, if you are impressed by the solutions, you can invest in the ‘Pro’ plan for $29/month or ‘Business’ plan for $49/month/. In case you want to customize the solutions based upon your business requirements, you can ask them for the ‘Enterprise’ plan.

PushEngage Pros

  • Personalized notification – Now you can send personalized notifications to your customers which they would be able to relate to with the help of PushEngage. You can push your content inviting your customers for sales, new collections and they would be forced to go back to your site increasing your website traffic.
  • Enhanced click rate – If you are a marketer, then you must know that emails, in general, have click rates compared to push notifications. You would be able to observe an improved push notification of 3-10 times compared to emails, and this would drive the customers to your website, eventually resulting in increased sales.
  • Mobile browser support – PushEngage generates push notifications not only for mobile users but also for the ones who log in to the web via their pcs or laptops. This implies that your push notifications would surely reach your customer no matter wherever they are only they need to be connected to the internet.
  • Geo-segmentation – Every company consists of a mixed pocket of customers, which implies that their likes and dislikes vary from each other and sending all of them the same push content might not generate expected results. That is why; PushEngage encourages marketers by targeting the customers based on their buying history, browser history or even location and groups them so that you can create personalized messages for them.

PushEngage Cons

  • HTML fonts-the The formatting options of the HTML fonts are expected to improve.
  • Dashboard– the dashboard might look confusing if you are a new user.
  • WordPress plugin-the plug-in is a bit outdated
  • Cleanup of inactive subscribers– it can be done only once a month, and it can be worrying.

PushEngage Customer Base

Shout me loud-it is a blog that invites bloggers and entrepreneurs to write blogs and make money.

Super Jeweler-it is a leading e-commerce business that offers exquisite collections of rings, necklaces, earrings, bands.

How to Sign Up with PushEngage?

The registration process is super easy, and you have to fill out your details and then validate yourself as a customer.

PushEngage Alternatives & Competitors

  • WebEngage – It is a multi-channel marketing automation platform that sends out push notifications to customers located at diverse channels.
  • OneSignal- it is a digital marketing software that focuses on sending out push messages to users visiting websites and browsers.
  • DigitalPush – this customer engagement tool specializes in both manual and automated sending of push and web messages.
  • Engagespot – the Facebook-style notification feed of this tool would make things easier and fun for users.

PushEngage User Feedback

According to the digital marketing strategist of Wickedweasel, “PushEngage has become a near-daily tool for us to reach a segment of some of our most fanatic fans. It’s uber-easy to use, the support team is super-helpful, and the results we’re getting are impressive. Especially when you take into account how little work they are to build and send. Highly recommend PushEngage to anyone wanting a way to reach customers that’s fast, reliable, and effective.

Roundup: Is PushEngage the Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement?

Push notifications play an essential role in optimizing your marketing strategy. It not only helps you to update your customers about your latest offerings, but it also aids in customer engagement in this way. After going through the PushEngage review, you would realize the wonders a push notification tool can do for your e-commerce business. By making the most of this digital marketing software, you would be able to promote your brand and make your presence shown to customers located at diverse channels.

Another characteristic that would surely encourage you to invest in the solutions of PushEngage is its numerous plans which ensures that you would be able to afford it even if you are starting from scratch.