Pushmaze Review: Best Mobile and Web Push Notification Platform 2022

In this world of internet, your stores need to have an online address to have a grasp on the market and know your competitors. The market has enlarged itself in recent years with the advancement of internet technology. Having an online address help you increase more conversion and brand establishment online.

Push notification plays an important role in this field of work. It helps you with the services such as web messaging help you fetch more subscribers and increase engagements thereby increasing conversion. With push notifications, the brands acquire the ability to draw a user’s attention to their message and transform that user into a potential customer for their products or services. Solving problems like Security Implications, Abuse Scenarios, and Countermeasures, Push notifications are redefining the financial communication, especially in the banking sector. Engaging users who are not currently on your site can be possible through push service. It is always difficult to retain an existing customer than to bring in a new one. These notifications work in real-time and give you a new way to re-engage customers who are already using your website without the need of any personal details like email, name or other contact details. You can target and engage your users simply by using web push alerts rather investing in building a new app. Browser push notification feature gets all the credits for this successfully proven marketing strategy.

Here would give you the proper overview for a similar service provider. One of them is Pushmaze. Hope this Pushmaze review will be helpful to give you an idea of the overall platform.

Pushmaze Review: Best Mobile and Web Push Notification Platform 2022

Pushmaze is SaaS-based push notification tool offers you host your server solely for push notification at just one-time payment. Rather than paying every month, it’s just a one-time fee for a lifetime tool. Using Google firebase messaging service it offers you to send unlimited push notification worldwide. Also setting up and installing this software is really easy. This software provides a dashboard that has a cross delivery platform all over the world and at any platform. It is compatible in almost every browser like Chrome, Firefox. This self-hosted mobile and web browser push notifications service lets you send push notifications at a hundred times cheaper rate. PushMaze enables users to send push notifications using the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) platform. The push notification messages are trackable, allowing users to monitor the progress and status of their messages. This feature lets them know if their push notification messages have been read or left unopened. Utilizing the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) service, PushMaze allows users to extend the reach of their messages as FCM lets them send push notifications to their subscribers and clients via their desktop browsers and Android phones totally free of cost. It was formed in 2017 in Thailand.

With Pushmaze, users can automate their push notifications, sending them at a scheduled time when the target audience will likely engage. JS and REST APIs provides customization capabilities, letting users create custom push notifications effortlessly. Other features include audience segmentation and targeting, image attachments, multiple users, limited time notifications, and reporting.

Pushmaze Highlights include:

  • Self Hosted
  • Send unlimited notifications
  • Send notifications to desktop & Android browsers
  • HTTP + HTTPS support
  • One-click unsubscribe
  • Schedule notifications
  • RSS-to-Push
  • API Access via JS & REST
  • Custom Branding
  • Import and Export Data
  • Unlimited Users
  • Fanatic Customer Support
  • Segment and Target
  • Include images in your notifications
  • Multiple Users
  • Limited Time Notifications
  • Reporting & Detailed Metrics

Pushmaze Review: Product Features

TEAMS/Multiple User – It is available with a feature where you can add your team to work in a project giving them access to some features according to the level of work. Restricted access to the features.

SEGMENTATION – if you got a particular kind of audience at a certain area only, it allows to segment the text message and provide a particular content for that area only. it offers you to create an advanced segmentation of your notification based on your location, event, device information. Thus it offers you to focus on a particular audience as well.

INTERACTIVE NOTIFICATION – It has this feature which helps to generate leads according to your subscribers’ device information and formulate user interactive custom based texts/web/pop-ups at a single go for a particular segment of the community of your subscribers.

API Integration – The platform offers the feature of adjustable API integration with different development kit so that it becomes easier to work with at any given platform and becomes handy irrespective of integration language.

TESTING – Push can be generated as a 2-3 template when an event is triggered it helps you to compare the responses from all the generated content of the notification and help you to generate suitable content. You can get a possible idea the kind of texts that have a huge impact on your subscriber.

PERSONAL DATA – Real-time user information is extracted from the user and according to that information proper content of the notification is formulated so that it would help to create more engagements. From user data you, it would be evident what our subscribers expect from the company which will eventually help us grasp more leads for the future.

SCALABILITY – if you are dealing with large crowd worldwide, it’s not an issue. This product every possible geographical area to deal for your business. It has a wide coverage area and can send web/email/text all over in a single click.

Pushmaze Review: Pricing Plans

The pricing for PushMaze starts at $129.0. PushMaze has a single plan and one time paying. The fee is totally refundable if not satisfied with the product.

Pushmaze Review: USPs

  • Promoting products and services – Send updates about the introduction of new products and services also the old ones that offer unique and time-sensitive value.
  • Flash Sales – Sales that offer big discounts and end within a short period of time are flash sales. Notify your subscribers about your flash sales.
  • Shipping Notifications – Personal updates given to users to let them know when their products ships.
  • Rich and personalized push notification feature – An event is starting and you need to give reminders to your users. When people sign up for your live webinars or video chats, send them a reminder a few minutes in advance. They’ll appreciate the effort and increase attendance.
  • Alert – A notification warning the receiver that a significant change has happened with their financial account. Real-time alert with API features will help the users to prevent loses and take the necessary steps.

Pushmaze Review: Cons

  • Does not work in mobile-only desktop
  • Does not support the banner app by default
  • It’s not possible to send the automatic notification to any user with abandoned cart for e-commerce.

Pushmaze Review: Customer Base

Some of the major firms who have given out its testimonial on its official site.

The websites/firms have seen a greater increase in their revenue in terms of every aspect.

Pushmaze Alternatives & Competitors List

  • SendPluse – SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform that offers push notification services over any channel possible. The platform has many other features like messaging, calling and web push which will help you increase users conversion rate.
  • Taplytics – Taplytics is cloud-based push notification service provider to any device/platform over the world.the platform aims to make delivery of its contents easier, reliable & efficient at any platform needed with many powerful customizing features like A/B testing, segmentation etc.
  • PUSHENGAGE – it is another alternative for this product and a top competitor as well. Fulfill mostly all the other features that one signal lacks behind. Efficient product to push notification all over the world to your subscriber.
  • Leanplum – Leanplum is a mobile marketing platform formed for this reason solely, Founded in San Francisco, Leanplum has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia, and has received more than $98 million in funding. Leanplum has also been recognized as Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For.
  • KUMULOS – Kumulos is easy to use mobile app management platform trusted by a huge mass worldwide with millions of connected devices working on its mobile push notification services just in a month. The firm is solely built on the pillars of mobile app development helps your business to grow.

Pushmaze Review: Overall Feedback

Pushmaze is indeed a great push notification tool with a lot of powerful features. The best part is it doesn’t have any monthly plan so it’s not a waste if you are not using the tool. It has great support for customers who helps them to provide extra feature if user requests. With the cost at this rate, it would be highly recommendable to go for this software.


With so many product choices available in the market, it becomes difficult for consumers to choose and make a correct buying decision. To make things easier, companies have integrated product reviews from consumers, on their site, which in turn helps them increase conversion rates on the users landing. Since in online business, the user cannot touch or feel the product, so review becomes very critical to make the buying decision. Hence Push notification has become the most popular subscription methods. We recommend Pushmaze to be one of the best service providers in this field.