Smart Engage Review 2022: Best Growth Hacking Tool for Marketers

Suppose, you have been waiting for the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix and you have registered on Netflix to let them notify you for this particular show. So the message pops up when the show is aired. This is what push notification is! And that’s the real-time example of how you face it every single day.

Push notification is a new technology in this busy digital era that enables the brands to push or to provide relevant information of their product to the users whom they are targeting in an easy and simple way. These notification messages are simple, short and easily understandable. Push notifications have only relevant information based specifically on the users. Push notification plays an important role for any E-commerce website, fetch you great revenue along with new leads. Their rate of success in getting the user’s attention is usually very high. When used in an appropriate manner, push notifications can be an effective tool in developing your customer relations. These push messages also help in informing your customers about the introduction of new features that you have added to the app, providing the users with special opportunities which in turn can be beneficial for customer loyalty.

In this article we are doing a detailed review of the marketing automation platform called Smart Engage. Hope this Smart Engage review will be helpful to give you an idea of the overall platform.

Pro Tip:

Before launching any Push campaign, A/B Test different offers and copy text to use what’s most effective for driving users back into the app. Most importantly always make sure your push notifications are segmented and highly relevant to the end user.

Smart Engage Review 2022: Best Growth Hacking Tool for Marketers

Smart engage is an online cross-relation platform founded on 20th September, 2017 in Texas, United States. It is established for an autoresponder that helps the user to link with custom email link with facebook messenger as well along with the top-notch feature of push notification as well. This has a lot of different features apart from facebook messenger marketing such as segmentation, scheduled notification. The software is updated with great user analytical help you to know your customer base promptly and use the data efficiently. SmartEngage will automatically link a customer’s email with their social networking sites and their push notifications so you can send them the message they require at the exact time they need to see it on the platform. It provides the smartest way to get your message across in front of several potential customers in the market. Most of its customers experience an increase of over 80% with cross-channel opens. Cross-Channel Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Facebook or Messenger Marketing through Chatbots, Web Push Notifications, Conversion Tracking, Cross-Channel, Hybrid Opt-In Forms, etc. With SmartEngage, users can easily create powerful rules and sequences that follow specific triggers and actions across email, Facebook Messenger chat bots, and web push notifications. Users can decide what type of messages are to be sent and to which customers, by setting up intelligent triggers, conditional blocks or behavior based trigger, and combine conditionals to have complete control of whether messages will arrive via email, Facebook Messenger, or a push notification. Conversion tracking tools enable users to track every purchase made by subscribers to know the lifetime value of that person instantly. SmartEngage also provides opt-in forms and mobile mailer technology to help brands grow their list of subscribers, as well as Facebook Lead Ads, Facebook comment automatic replies, and automatic social intelligence to build a list of customers easily that interact with their business page.

Users can track each visitor’s subscriber journey to understand their habits, and get full insight for every action into the messages that are being opened, clicked, pages visited, and more. SmartEngage also offers smart newsletter broadcasts that allow brands to send their message on the platform they want their subscribers to see it, and automatically resend an email that doesn’t get opened after a certain amount of time has passed with an alternate subject line. Users can choose to send it using an alternate platform to increase the chances that the message will be seen. Additional SmartEngage features include SmartClean technology which runs every email through its system to sift out any potential harmful bots, typos, spam traps, and more.

The highlight of its work include:
  • Connecting customers with your company or brand with calls-to-action linked directly from content.
  • Engaging them with robust online health content complete with in-line images, videos, animations, quizzes and lot other engaging activities.
  • Editing encyclopedia content to include in your organization’s standards & guidelines.
  • Configuring to seamless integration with your brand and meet all the specific requirements.
  • Providing access to information with responsive web design via mobile phones, tablets or any smart device anywhere and anytime.

SmartEngage will also track your customer’s actions across your entire website. Whether it’s knowing what pages they visited, how long they visited, how far down the page they scrolled, or even if they made a purchase.With the use of this software, the customer has another extent spur over the business along with the solutions provided by the company.

Smart Engage Review: Product Features

  • Cross Channel – It is another feature in this software that avails you with the feature of cross-platform exchange of messages and notification. That is no matter what the platform the user is in, a notification will be delivered within a click.
  • Automated Notifications – In case you have daily or weekly events, then this function helps you to set out a notification whenever the event is triggered. Thus it automatically pushes the notification worldwide to its subscribers and let them know about the particular event. Thus it won’t be hectic to update continuously.
  • Segmentation – If you got a particular kind of audience at a certain area only, it allows to segment the text message and provide a particular content for that area only. it offers you to create an advanced segmentation of your notification based on your location, event, device information. Thus it offers you to focus on a particular audience as well.
  • Interactive Notification – It has this feature which helps to generate leads according to your subscribers’ device information and formulate user interactive custom based texts or web or pop-ups at a single go for a particular segment of the community of your subscriber.
  • Tracking – Uses its inbuilt algorithm to evaluate the exacts analysis of engagements in your page and helps to formulate stats regarding the content of your push notifications.
  • Conversational Marketing – Marketing on the basis of normal conversation with user/subscriber is another feature offered by the software with the use of chatbots. This would help the users to establish a great friendly relationship with your customer. It is another important aspect to get more customers.
  • Real Time Analysis – It is pretty easy to fetch the report from the software about the conversion, engagement, increase of subscriber demography. It tracks down the effect of your subscriber from every single message sent with the proper report. It is really easy to understand the picture of what impact does the messages are having over your subscriber.

Smart Engage Pricing Plans

Begin your free for 14 days trial. No credit card, no long term obligations.

Paid plans start with $29/month

  • FREE – free user account
  • STARTER – $47 per month
  • PRO – $97 per month
  • HIGH VOLUME – custom rate

Smart Engage Review: Benefits

  • It has some of the great features to work as a beginner.
  • No prerequisites are needed.
  • Helps you increase engagement.
  • Automated chatbots to segment these leads into a few categories.
  • Worth of money spent.

Smart Engage Review: Limitations

  • Need more premade template which could be more attractive.
  • Integration linkage is weak among different platforms and they might have some bugs.
  • SMS text messaging can be loosely integrated through 3rd party services.

Smart Engage Review: Customer Base

Some of the major firms who have given out its testimonial on its official site are given below.

The websites/firms have seen a greater increase in their revenue in terms of every aspect.

  • Shopify
  • PayPal
  • zapier

Smart Engage Review: Signup Process

The signing up into this website is readily easier and smooth. Below are the steps to do so,

1. Click on the link for the new user.

2.Enter your email id and password. Then the verification link will be sent onto your registered mail ID. Verify it and you are good to go.

Smart Engage Review: Alternatives & Competitors List

  • Pushbots – Pushbots can be used to send a message to any mobile platform, directly from your dashboard. Used by companies like Thinkscloud and many other big firms. It is respectable in terms of product marketing as its features are incredible.
  • PUSHENGAGE – It is another alternative for this product and a top competitor as well. Fulfils mostly all the other features that one signal lacks behind. Efficient product to push notification all over the world to your subscriber.
  • KUMULOS – Kumulos is easy to use mobile app management platform trusted by a huge mass worldwide with millions of connected devices working on its mobile push notification services just in a month. The firm is solely built on the pillars of mobile app development helps your business to grow.
  • ZeroPush – ZeroPush is a tool in the Mobile Push Messaging category. It provides a clean web-friendly API to APNS and GCM for mobile push notifications
  • AMAZON SNS -Amazon simple notification services is a simple, highly secure cloud manages to deliver a message to a large number of clients at a go. Amazon SNS works upon its two clients i.e publisher and subscriber. Apart from this they access to all of its AWS features and services with one account.

Smart Engage Review: Feedback

The company has backed by many companies and have a great reputation among them and in the market. Available with a lot of different features that help its user to walk its way through it smoothly. It is involved in 3x user engagement and a high increase in clicks.

Its features are tremendous in terms of getting results and user have almost 15-20% increase of activity & revenue from before.

Apart from this, it has great support to help you out instantly and has got all the features at affordable rates.

So I’d rather ask you to use this platform at least once.


So wrapping up about one of the best products in the market: Smartech. Push notifications are a great way to drive users to engage with your app on a regular basis. The vital factor is to find the right rhythm so that notifications are neither too rare nor too frequent. Acceptable push notification frequencies varies between app industries and end users. Though it’s up to you ultimately, but go with the best suitable product compatible with your business requirements. In this business rush getting your brand up above, financing in software like these would turn out to be a huge propitious. Thus exploiting the best available trail days and choosing the righteous software would be the first step to follow up.