Swrve Review: Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement

Do you know what your customers want? Do you think your customers trust your products? When the last time you saw a customer tweeting about your product or service Was it a complaint or compliment? How you market your business determines if the enterprise is going to be successful or not. Marketing may be a tool wont to create and maintain demand, relevance, reputation, competition and more. Without it, your business is probably going to shut down thanks to a lack of sales.

The conversation is an essential part of business more the customer engages with the company more the chances of conversion. This is where the role of Marketing comes in. It helps to build and enhance the relationship between business and customers and keeps the customer engaged. Traditional marketing lacks the art of personalization and exclusivity for the customer, which is very necessary for customer loyalty. It also doesn’t provide real-time data due to which does not offer scope for instant change and hampers the conversation.

Modern means of marketing like push notifications and web notification let you connect to the customer on a more personal level and make the customer feel exclusive increasing customer loyalty you can keep the conversation going on without looking desperate for attention. Push notifications can be used to approach the customer even when the customer is not actively using services like app or website. It appears directly on the screen so cannot be ignored even simple messages such as the information about customer’s cart or the drop in the price of the product the customer looked for can start a useful conversation. It can be used as a means to remain in contact with your lead.

Push notification can substantially increase customer interaction and give you real-time data to evaluate your marketing strategies. It can help segment customers based on a behaviour choice area for better strategies to ensure maximum conversion.

Swrve is a platform which can provide you with this facility.

Swrve Overview: Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement

Swrve is a mobile marketing app for customer engagement by processing rich real-time data allowing brands to respond with more relevance to the action and intent of customers in real-time. Swrve platform lets brands confidently scale more relevant communications across millions of customers simultaneously. Swrve helps the world’s largest brands deliver more real-time relevance in customer experiences. It combines messaging across channels like push, in-app messaging, web push, email, SMS, and OTT with real-time data streaming; marketers can leverage real-time relevance to make a real impact on their bottom line.

Swrve is the only marketing and customer engagement platform on the market that enables brands to connect with their customers with a relevant message which is enterprise-grade. It is the first mobile marketing company to combine predictive analytics with messaging for mobile apps in their Predictive Marketing Suite. The algorithm it uses is continuously updated that determines an app user’s propensity for action or inaction. Swrve combines class-leading analytics, segmentation, AB testing and in-app messaging in a unified application. It allows marketing managers to continually test their applications by tracking user behaviour, targeting specific user segments, tuning in-app elements, and talking to users via in-app messages.

Swrve is the only enterprise-grade marketing and customer engagement platform on the market that enables brands to connect with their customers with relevant messages.

Swrve’s unmatched multichannel engagement platform enables brands to spot, predict, and act on individual customer wants and wishes across devices. Apps and services like travel, finance, media and entertainment, gaming, and e-marketplaces which are enterprise-grade can immediately see the return on real-time relevance by combining messaging across channels with real-time data streaming; marketers can leverage real-time relevance to form real impacts on their outcome. With a combination of other factors, Swrve integration can be used for :

  • Automate your data management – Control the flow of knowledge between Swrve and your third-party data applications.
  • Give contextual pertinent to your campaigns – Use any contextually relevant information from external sources to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns at Swrve. For example, change the messaging to a user in real-time, based on the weather in their location.
  • Trigger campaigns through email, SMS, and other channels – Gain cross-channel insights into your users’ behaviours then adapt your campaigns accordingly. For example, detect when a user is not opening your emails and respond with a mobile push notification campaign instead.
  • Provide a high degree of personalization – Use the data gathered by third-party systems to enrich your users’ profiles and preferences.

Swrve Review: Product Features

  • A/B Testing is a methodology for user experience research. It consists of randomized two varients A and B. It helps in avoiding unnecessary by assisting in targeting resources with maximum effect and efficiency.
  • Segmentation of customers helps in arranging customers into different groups to reach every segment with the most appropriate marketing strategy. The more segments of customers can be divided into a more personalized strategy can be put into action.
  • Creating an enticing customer experience can function a real competitive advantage. By using advanced analytics, companies can make better use of their customer and user experience data, resulting in higher satisfaction and loyalty within the future.
  • Businesses can benefit immensely from data analytics to drive favourable outcomes for the business and its customers, while still maintaining and facilitating the very best level of knowledge protection. The three most significant business benefits that organizations can achieve from data and analytics are-
  • Delivering relevant products
  • Personalization and service
  • Mitigating risk and fraud
  • SMS(Short Messaging Service) Marketing is a permission-based text service used for promotional purposes. SMS marketing uses the same workflow as email marketing; only instead of sending your customers an email, you send a text message with a character limit. Well, that’s the whole point; you want the customer to read the precise information without having to go through their noisy email inbox. Advantages of text messaging are-
  • Customer doesn’t have to pay
  • Easily trackable
  • Fast &Easy to personalize
  • Higher Engagement Rates

Swrve Review: Pricing Plans

There is a free plan for users. At Swrve you pay for what you access. Prices are tailormade according to business needs.

Swrve Pros

  • Facebook Ads and onboarding integration – ensuring the ads seen by a user match with the messaging in the onboarding.
  • Swrve makes it easy to make push campaigns that are not boring and cliche. It helps deliver a unique touch to customers which creates the start of a relationship right from the get-go. With customization and survey creator, it helps you engage with customers an entire lot easier and see more details stats of mobile usage.
  • Swrve’s audience segmenting tools are vast and allow users to get very granular when targeting an audience.
  • Real-time customer data are allowing our company to make marketing changes on the go to adapt to what our customers need.
  • Swrve is very robust, reaching out to millions of customers within days, generating a very rich data set that can be used to make further marketing changes.
  • Really easy interface makes setting up push and in-app messaging a simple task.
  • Swrve makes it easy to create campaigns. It provides a unique touch to customers that form the beginning of a relationship from the start. With the personalization and the creator of the survey, it helps you to get involved with customers much more quickly and see more detailed statistics of mobile use.

Swrve Cons

  • It can take time to make it more personal to your needs and can require a lot of monitoring.
  • It requires much monitoring that was not expected, and this is somewhat cumbersome and takes time.
  • Having to manage two campaign profiles for iOS and Android separately, which suggests duplicating everything across both. Though this is on SWRVE’s roadmap to integrated.
  • Swrve features many quirks around the UI. For example, when inputting payload parameters within the behaviour filters and you enter an invalid parameter, Swrve will provide you with a warning. Still, it doesn’t do that when inputting user properties in the user profile filters. Users aren’t able to target messages around other messages unless they’re already live, which you can’t target across different message types. IE – Show this in-app message as long as a user has received that push notification.
  • The software itself is not very user friendly, and it is hard to navigate through it.
  • Some message limitations (i.e. scrolling back and forth through in-app messaging)
  • The price is a bit steep

Swrve Customer Base

Swrve has a commanding presence in the market with many big private ventures utilizing its services Swrve engages with over 200 global brands.

RyanAir, Condé Nast, Digicel, and Warner Brothers are among the various leading global brands that partner with Swrve.

How to Sign Up with Swrve?

The signup process at Swrve is pretty straightforward. First, you have to order for a demo you just have to give your details and click on get demo, and you can get a demo scheduled and get started.

Swrve Alternatives & Competitors

Some alternatives that can be used in place of Swrve are-


Mixpanel is a complicated analytics service that helps improve web and mobile applications by tracking how users interact & engage with them.


Our integrated solution delivers meaningful engagement across messaging and therefore, the in-app experience. It offers Messaging, Automation, App Editing, Personalization, A/B Testing, and Analytics.

Urban Airship

We’ve built the neatest, most aware, precise, easy-to-use, scalable, secure and robust push messaging platform on the earth. Our Push messaging platform leverages all that’s unique about mobile as a channel, which lights the spark to make meaningful and valuable mobile experiences. We help put your app ahead of your users at the proper time, and within the right place to drive usage and brand engagement.

Amazon A/B Testing

A/B Tests can be done without writing client-side code or redeploying your app.


Arise integrates seamlessly with your app. Arise’s SDK for iOS, Android and PhoneGap will never hamper your app.

Bronto Marketing Platform

The Bronto Marketing Platform combines email, mobile and social messaging with drag-and-drop automation in one easy to use platform that permits you to style and execute personalized campaigns


Braze (formerly Appboy) is made for today’s on-demand, always-connected customers.

Swrve User Feedback

Peter Lloyd Special Project Advisor to Group CEO & BOD at Digicel says, “In our business, timely and relevant engagement is that the difference between subscriber retention and customer churn. We scoured the marketplace for partners who had an enterprise-grade solution and will help drive real business results. We’re thrilled we chose Swrve because they stand heads and tails above the rest of the market and the results speak for themselves.”

Use Cases and Deployment Scope: We are using Swrve for our mobile app analytics and notification; mostly focused on push notifications. It enables us to communicate with our app users, via pushes and in-app messaging. Swrve is employed by the Digital Marketing Team and therefore the Technology team.

Roundup: Is Swrve the Best Push Notification Platform for Customer Engagement?

Swrve is a leading name in the field of mobile marketing venture for push notifications. Swrve is a great mobile marketing venture and is used by various globally acclaimed institutions due to the great analytics the software offers. Due to its large customer base already it can prove to be a useful asset for your business but as users say it might be a bit expensive than it’s competitors. Push notifications can be launched very quickly and efficiently. Swrve serves its purpose of engaging customers and delivers what it promises.