Pushwoosh Review: Best Push Notification Platform for App Developers 2022


Push notifications are messages generated from an app of a smart device that gives users the most relevant information at a glance. These messages appear in the notifications bar at the top of the screen and cannot be discarded until the message is viewed. It gives push notifications higher priority than any other standard communications …

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Smart Engage Review 2022: Best Growth Hacking Tool for Marketers

Smart Engage

Suppose, you have been waiting for the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix and you have registered on Netflix to let them notify you for this particular show. So the message pops up when the show is aired. This is what push notification is! And that’s the real-time example of how you face …

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Truepush Review 2022: Free Push Notification Platform for Everyone

Truepush Review

Push notifications are now vital tools to communicate with users having smart devices. Push notifications are pop up notification messages are sent to a users’ device through mobile or desktop web. It is a kind of delivery information where the transaction request is initiated by the server. Users can receive convenient updates in real time, …

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